This boat is the best in its class. Fast, maneuverable, easy to drive, it will give you a lot of positive emotions from driving and engaging in your favorite hobby!

8 800
10 400
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Color spectrum
Aluma Fish 4.7 X

Aluma Fish 4.7 X on the water


Case manufacturing type
Case type
The length of the hull is the largest
4.67 m.
Overall length of the vessel
5.02 m.
The width of the hull is greatest
2.04 m.
Overall breadth of the vessel
2.04 m.
0.86 m.
Maximum draft
0.3 m.
Kilovost of the hull on the transom
15 degrees
The mass of the equipped case
450 kg.
450 kg.
Allowed number of people on board
5 people
Transom height
0.51 m.
Max allowable engine power
80 hp
Fuel tank capacity
60 l.
Case material AMG-5M
The thickness of the skin of the bottom and sides
3.0 mm.
Volume of buoyancy blocks
0.8 cubic meters
All-welded aluminum body (AMG5M)
Heavy Duty Power Pack (Aluma-Pro)
Hull painting with Hempel ship paint (Denmark)
The foamy blocks of unsinkability with rigid-porous Basf polyurethane (Germany)
Tempered glass in an aluminum frame 2 crinolines (30 cm)
ABS plastic consoles with compartment in the passenger console
Finishing the interior space with a marine carpet (Italy)
Deck decoration with marine vinyl (Italy)
2 swivel chairs with a stand
2 additional bases for armchairs
2 folding seats of a sofa from sea skin
Built-in switch panel - 5 pcs.
60 liter stationary fuel tank
Stainless steel fuel filler hole
Accessories (hinges) from stainless steel
Steering system (steering wheel, gearbox, cable)
Electrical wiring under 36 volts
2 sockets 12 Volts (bow, control post)
Electric pump for pumping water
Fuel gauge
Automatic bilge pump switch
Navigation lights (navigation, parking)
Stainless steel ducks
Dry lockers in the bow - 2 pcs.
Lockers under the seats of sofas - 2 pcs.
Lockers in the stern - 2 pcs.
Lockers for spinning rods 2 pcs (max. Length 2700 mm upper, max. Length 2450 mm lower)
Locker under the seats - 1 pcs.
Fuel filter separator